It’s a (vintage) wrap

After a few busy weekends, we’ve got a quiet one ahead of us; just the thing for a spot of card writing and present wrapping. If you haven’t already done yours, here are some ideas for your favourite vintage cards:

A nice simple idea to add a vintage touch to your presents. Kraft paper doesn’t cost much and works well for male and female recipients.

A step on from the previous idea if you have more time/patience/skill. It’s a layer of wax paper sewn to a vintage image and finished with ribbon and pinking shears.

A simple way to add more decorations to your tree.

Or a lovely place setting idea. I think the candlesticks match the old images beautifully.

Happy making.


late summer craftiness

My last couple of posts have been belated roundups from our covetable cards and desirable desks Pinterest boards, so today I thought I would complete the sweep with a couple of my favourite projects for your old cards.

The idea of using old postcards as place settings appealed as the picture reminds me of sunny late summer Bank Holidays.

In the spirit of sunny late summer days off, you might also like to take your favourite details and turn them into drink stirrers:

Happy crafting.

Vintage paper projects: cigarette card bunting

I am a crafty soul at heart and always have a project or two on the go. So you won’t be surprised to hear that since we’ve been designing our cards I’ve been on the lookout for things to make with them.

Recently, this cigarette cards garland project from Patchwork Harmony caught my eye:
Patchwork Harmony
I often see cigarette cards at the fairs we go to and this is a lovely way to display and enjoy them. I’ve set up a new category so, if you’re a fan of old paper like me but are stuck for ideas, you can find them all in one place.

Co-incidentally I’m working on some bunting made from our cards. I’m having lots of fun playing around with ribbon and paper and designing packaging, so I’m in my element. I’m hoping to have some ready for our next lot of fairs in August and will add some to the shop too.