Christmas is coming

Winifred's Daughter baubles
What a lovely Christmassy week we’ve just had. The Wadhurst Arts & Crafts Market on Friday with Jayne from Summerhouse Designs keeping me well and truly entertained. Then Rye Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday. Here’s our stand, front right, next to the beautiful walking sticks, with my back helpfully turned to the camera – sorry about that Alice!

Mr E came along to Rye, so as well as enjoying the company and talents at the fair, I also got to stroll around the town a bit too. The Lion Street Store had a lovely display of vintage baubles in their window and I got to see my first real life Ian McKay sculpture in Rye Art Gallery. Fantastic.

Hope you’re starting to feel festive.

P.S. Bauble pic pinched from Winifred’s Daughter; thanks Shelley!


Great Dixter Christmas cheer

My head is all a spin after a brilliant weekend at the Great Dixter Christmas Fair. A huge thank you to the lovely Shelley of Winifred’s Daughter for a) letting me camp on the end of her table and b) putting together a fantastic display on Friday, which was crammed full of Christmas colour. This was what greeted me when I arrived on Saturday morning:
Shelley's Christmas colour
Retro Bureau corner
Stockings and wings

Lots of people came along and within 30 minutes of opening, our very special thing found a new home. A surprise best seller on our stand were some beautifully detailed Christmas decorations – on the red Christmas tree above – knitted by a 70-something lady in Cranbrook . I had my eye on the stripy Christmas tree, but a small boy beat me to it. Rats. Shelley has more in her shop, plus lots of other Christmas gifts and decorations if you are interested.

Have a good week.

A very special thing

You’ll have to excuse the rather rubbish photo, but I wanted to share a very special thing that I will be taking to the Great Dixter Christmas Fair at the weekend. It’s a Christmas card by Eyre & Spottiswoode, printers to the King, which was originally sent in 1897. Mounted on a black background, the delicate heather design and scalloped edge really stand out. Find it on our little corner of Winifred’s Daughter’s stand.

fairs and fireworks

In our small corner of the world, this past week has been filled with fireworks and germs. We’re back to rude good health now and just as well as we’ve just been offered a small space at the Great Dixter Christmas Fair on 23rd & 24th November. Hurray!

The lovely Shelley of Winifred’s Daughter has a stand and we’ll be sharing a small corner of it. Expect beautiful crafts, unusual gifts and a warm Christmas glow at one of the nicest fairs around. See you there.

and we’re back

tilt shift
So we have been away for a while, a combination of holiday and things being very busy in the day jobs.

Our holiday was brilliant; a 10 day adventure exploring Seattle and the surrounding area. We started with four nights in an artists loft in the International District – a find from airbnb, which was cheap, interesting and well located. From there we ventured out around town, taking in the tourist hotspots and some lesser known attractions, with plenty of stops for coffee along the way. Then we moved on to Whidbey Island, for four chilled out nights in a tiny pine cottage just north of Langley. Honestly it was 2 steps between kitchen, sofa, bed and bathroom, but the view was beautiful and it was such a peaceful spot. The pace of life was distinctly slower, but we still found plenty to do as well as lots of good food and wine. We finished up with two nights in Ballard, an interesting area about 30 minutes north of the city centre, which is full of independent shops, cafés, bars and restaurants; my idea of heaven.

My favourite things about Seattle?
The walking – Seattle is very easy to get around on foot, even the city centre is surprisingly pedestrian friendly
The coffee – from tiny counters to impressive shops, I lost count of the number of independent places we tried and pretty much all of them were good
The stationery – Seattle is home to a staggering number of small companies who make and sell beautiful stationery, favourites included Paper Hammer, brush and mallett and an awesome fancy paper shop called de Medici Ming Fine Paper
The scenery – flanked on two sides by mountain ranges and with water never very far away, Seattle has a stunning backdrop and plenty of green spaces in the built up bits too

So now we’re back to the normal routine in sunny Sussex. We were at Rye Arts & Crafts Fair at the weekend. It was a quiet day for us, but a lovely fair as always. We caught up with some familiar faces, including Sue of Diomo Glass, whose pumpkins were the surprise hit of the day. There were some new stands too, including some beautiful knitwear that was very hard to resist.

We’re booked for more fairs nearer to Christmas and are busy working on some new things for them, including some jumbo Christmas gift tags, which will make a lovely finishing touch for your Christmas presents. We’re also working on our stand display, so if you pop along to our Christmas fairs it will all look a bit different…pictures to follow.

happy friday

Today I traded the day job for a day at Wadhurst Arts & Craft Market instead. I had the good fortune (thanks Pauline!) to be between Jayne from Summerhouse Designs and Heather from Weald Candlemakers, so I had pretty silver jewellery to admire on one side and beautiful aromas wafting across from the other.

My day had a less than promising start when the walk up the hill with my stock and show kit left my brain so baked I could barely set the stand up. I took our new gift tags and bunting as well as some vintage place cards, but try as I might I could not think where to put them. I got there eventually, but my brain had to work much harder than it should have.

Luckily my day improved quickly once the stand was ready. In between customers I caught up with Jayne, Heather and the other stallholders. I also spent a good deal of time admiring Jayne’s stand – she displays her jewellery on a wonderful array of things, from old type blocks to old books and even a chapati mould (I think I heard that right!). I took a few snaps, which don’t quite do Jayne’s jewellery or display justice, but they give you an idea at least:
summerhouse designs
summerhouse designs
summerhouse designs
Have a good weekend.