Great Dixter Christmas cheer

My head is all a spin after a brilliant weekend at the Great Dixter Christmas Fair. A huge thank you to the lovely Shelley of Winifred’s Daughter for a) letting me camp on the end of her table and b) putting together a fantastic display on Friday, which was crammed full of Christmas colour. This was what greeted me when I arrived on Saturday morning:
Shelley's Christmas colour
Retro Bureau corner
Stockings and wings

Lots of people came along and within 30 minutes of opening, our very special thing found a new home. A surprise best seller on our stand were some beautifully detailed Christmas decorations – on the red Christmas tree above – knitted by a 70-something lady in Cranbrook . I had my eye on the stripy Christmas tree, but a small boy beat me to it. Rats. Shelley has more in her shop, plus lots of other Christmas gifts and decorations if you are interested.

Have a good week.


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