September & October’s desirable desks

The last few weeks have been characterised by our brilliant holiday and our decidedly autumnal return. So in this spirit I bring you September & October’s collection of desirable desks:


This handsome example, with its very fetching mapdrop, I mean map backdrop. I am a big fan of maps and while even Mr E and I have finally succumbed to the convenience of a satnav, I still go back to my maps after every journey to see where I’ve been and work out what things I could see along the way. We had two maps with us on our recent Seattle adventure and both of them ended up with holes along the creases from repeated folding. Map + desk = very nice workspace.


A couple of Ikea trestles, a lovely shade of grey and a couple of stars to boot. It’s a bit too early for Christmas still, but a couple of stars are fine. This looks like a nice peaceful spot to sit and write some letters on some lovely stationery.

And thirdly:

This handsome metal creation looks like it was designed by someone who used to play with meccanno when they were little. I’m not quite sure what the technique would be for getting on and off the stool, nor that it would look very elegant, but this desk looks like its built to last. Top marks for storage too.


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