happy friday

Today I traded the day job for a day at Wadhurst Arts & Craft Market instead. I had the good fortune (thanks Pauline!) to be between Jayne from Summerhouse Designs and Heather from Weald Candlemakers, so I had pretty silver jewellery to admire on one side and beautiful aromas wafting across from the other.

My day had a less than promising start when the walk up the hill with my stock and show kit left my brain so baked I could barely set the stand up. I took our new gift tags and bunting as well as some vintage place cards, but try as I might I could not think where to put them. I got there eventually, but my brain had to work much harder than it should have.

Luckily my day improved quickly once the stand was ready. In between customers I caught up with Jayne, Heather and the other stallholders. I also spent a good deal of time admiring Jayne’s stand – she displays her jewellery on a wonderful array of things, from old type blocks to old books and even a chapati mould (I think I heard that right!). I took a few snaps, which don’t quite do Jayne’s jewellery or display justice, but they give you an idea at least:
summerhouse designs
summerhouse designs
summerhouse designs
Have a good weekend.


3 thoughts on “happy friday

  1. Hi Laura, My son’s girlfriend absolutely loved the beautiful bunting and fridge magnet I bought from you at Wadhurst Arts & Crafts, so a big ‘thank you’ from me for providing the perfect present. Hope you’ll be at the next Arts & Crafts as I need a present for a friend in New Zealand, and if we’re side by side next time you can breathe in some of my new Christmas Candles fragrances! Heather

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