courgette anyone?

Reap what you sow
Courgette and prawn pasta, courgette and corn tacos, courgette and carrots and fishcakes; in fact courgettes and anything we can think of. After months of heavy work and careful tending, our garden is bursting out all over, so we’ve spent a tasty couple of weeks working our way through all the courgette recipes we can find. The beetroots and beans are next, so we’ll be scouring our recipe books for things to make with them soon too.

We haven’t planted many flowers and we’ve had mixed fortunes with what we have tried. Our snapdragons are flourishing. I was fascinated by snapdragons when I was small – an interactive flower that my parents didn’t mind me playing with – and we now have two very healthy pots of yellow spires with one or two purple, white and pink. They’re just outside the back door so I get a nice view of them every time I’m in the hall:
After a severe pruning over the winter, the lavender has burst out, spreading it’s stems to our bench and out over our path. It’s in the way a bit, but the bees are enjoying it, so we’ll work round it until the they have had their fill. Sadly the sweet peas have been less successful. They climbed their way up to about two feet, then stopped and steadfastly refused to produce flowers. We grew them from a packet of seeds that were free on the front of a magazine, so perhaps their progress reflects our investment! Still, one duff lot out of everything we’ve tried feels like a pretty good result.

Have a good week.


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