a peek at Petworth

At the weekend we braved an hour and a half in our un-air-conditioned stripy micra for a quiet adventure in Petworth. We’d passed through a couple of times on the way to other places and the combined attractions of a pretty village and an imposing National Trust property were enough to entice us out.

We had an enjoyable stroll around the town, exploring the little independent businesses of Petworth, helping one of them out with an unplanned stop for the loo which turned into a good helping of half-past-elevenses. Then we headed into the grand house:
Petworth HDR
It’s a huge and eccentric place, with an underground tunnel from the servants wing to the main house with two lifts to help move luggage, an impressive collection of old masters and the biggest mural I’ve ever seen up one of the staircases.
The Grand Stair

It was an interesting contrast to the other National Trust place we went to recently, Seaton Delaval Hall, whose fortunes have been far less fair. Ravaged by fire in 1822 there’s not much left within the walls, but Mr E took some lovely photos of what remains a beautiful building:
Seaton Deleval Hall
Seaton Deleval Hall
Seaton Deleval Hall
Seaton Delaval Hall
Seaton Deleval Hall


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