a fair, but not the one you were expecting

A busy weekend here; the Wadhurst Arts & Crafts Market on Friday, then the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair on Saturday. I was helping Shelley from Winifred’s Daughter, who took an edited version of her shop to the show. Here’s her stand, crammed full of covetable things; the chair at the front sold before I got there, which is a lucky escape as it would probably have come home with me otherwise:
Winifred's Daughter, Wealden Times Midsummer Fair
It was a lovely day, chatting to Shelley and chatting to customers and trying my best not to knock everything over each time I bent down to get my handbag, which was tucked in the back under the old school desk. I even got to indulge in a spot of impromptu crafting, making paper chains from kits that Shelley was selling. I can’t say my visual merchandising skills were up to much, although my lassoing technique for hanging the chains might come in handy if I ever try out as a cowboy.

On breaks from the stand I had a good explore and spotted some familiar local faces; Helen, queen of marshmallows, from Dulci Bella:
Dulci Bella, marshmallows
Wendy, helping Rob at Cranbrook Iron:
Cranbrook iron, planter
And last, but not least, King John’s Nursery.
King John's Nursery
Good work everyone.


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