fresh paint and bluebells

I mentioned on Thursday that my work room was in need of a bit of a re-vamp, so I took advantage of the late April showers to make a start at the weekend. Mr E helped me haul my belongings into the spare room and removed an ugly grey metal blind from the window, then I got to work with some matt white emulsion. I decided on white because my room is usually full of things I’m working on in various stages of completion, so it doesn’t really need any more clashing patterns.

Here’s how it looked in the calm, empty moments before I started to fill it up again:
White room

The reward for our efforts was a walk in some nearby woods yesterday morning. The bluebells were in full bloom and they looked and smelled fantastic:

We also popped along to King John’s Nursery, near Ticehurst for a nose around. It’s a lovely place and another to add to our list of independent local nurseries. They sell a good range of native plants and we picked up a couple of new things to add to our back garden collection. The shop had lots of things to tempt and the tea room looked pretty inviting too, but we decided to save that treat for our next visit because we’ll definitely be back.


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