bank holiday adventures

This was our breakfast today; some nice thick pancakes with a few blueberries as a concession to vitamins. We decided we needed them as fuel for our adventures; a day trip to Faversham, a market town in the northern reaches of Kent, via the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale. Well, you never know if you’ll find food when you’re out, do you?

The blossom was still out at Brogdale, so we had a good wander among the trees. Mr E was snapping away, so I may treat you to some pretty pictures later in the week. We paused for lunch in their cafe and browsed the little shops before hitting the road again to head for the water.

Our part of the world does a nice line in seaside towns. Whether you prefer the kiss me quick charms and faded glamour of the bigger, better known resorts – Brighton, Eastbourne and Bexhill to the south, Whitstable, Margate and Broadstairs to the north and east – or the smaller towns that were founded on the success of the merchants – that’s you, Rye, Sandwich and Deal – there’s lots to see. Faversham belongs to the second group, with a broad main street, lined with merchants houses and plenty of old industrial buildings to enjoy.

We also spotted an intriguing looking shop called Heselden Hats and General Miscellany . Unfortunately it was closed, so we couldn’t investigate further than the window display, but their website has some videos that show you a bit more. Definitely one to investigate when we are up that way again.


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