green fields, blue sky and fresh air

Inspired by the sunshine and in need of some fresh air, we set off to explore the hills north of Tunbridge Wells at the weekend. A quick left turn out of Southborough took us along Bidborough ridge, then plunging along twisty roads between the fields and out into the countryside. First stop was Chiddingstone, a traditional one street Tudor village, which the National Trust bought in 1939 to preserve for the nation and nosy day trippers like me and Mr E.
chiddingstone, National Trust

From there we went north, following the hedge lined lanes up the western edge of Bough Beech reservoir, speculating on property prices as we passed one pretty house after another. At Ide Hill we turned off, following the road past the village green and through the village to Emmetts Garden where we spent the afternoon enjoying the gardens and the views.
Emmetts Garden, National Trust
Emmetts Garden, Ide Hill
Ah, that’s better.


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