It’s Paul Farrell’s fault

I read about Pick Me Up 2013 in his newsletter. So there we were, me and Mr E, on a sunny Saturday in London, enjoying some graphic art at Somerset House.

pennant, embroidery, Maricor, Maricar
We were welcomed by Maricor Maricar’s embroidered pennants, which set the tone nicely.

Other highlights included:
You Byun, jellyfish
You Byun’s whimsical pictures,
Daniel Frost, wood people
Daniel Frost’s wood people,
William Goldsmith
William Goldsmith’s watercolour storyboards,
Anna Lomax, full english
and Anna Lomax’s neon full English breakfast.

Mr E laughed out loud when he saw Nicholas John Frith’s print, ‘Live fast pie yum’:
Nicholas John Frith

And we were both amused by this visitor, who couldn’t have misunderstood the instructions on where to stand more perfectly:
Where do I stand
Have a good week folks.


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