National Stationery Week

Now I know it’s really a marketing campaign dressed up as an event, but I must admit the discovery that 22-28 April is National Stationery Week brought a little smile to my face. So to mark the occasion and fuel your stationery imaginations I thought I would point you in the direction of a my favourite stationery blogs:

Firstly, Paper Pastries, a bright and cheery blog with frequent posts of desirable things.

Secondly, The Well-Appointed Desk, a stylish blog that’s guaranteed to give you serious stationery envy. And apart from the desirable interiors and office supplies, I particularly like that one of their goals is to feature ‘gentle reminders that sometimes, the best tool for the job is pen and paper’.

Thirdly, East…West…Everywhere, because the handwritten posts are beautiful.

And finally if you feel inspired to put pen to paper yourself, may I suggest our lovely spring notecards. Big enough to fit a note to someone special, small enough that you don’t have to think of too many things to say, pretty enough to grace the smartest of desks. Happy writing.
spring notecard, trees, retro bureau


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