a nice spring day out

It’s Mr E’s birthday this week, so we went for a birthday trip on Saturday; a walk in Brede High Woods, followed by lunch in the Netherfield Arms and a stroll around Battle.

The weather did its best to spoil our fun. At our first stop in the woods we had a quick trudge down a sodden track and got snowed or hailed on, I couldn’t quite decide which. Disheartened but undeterred, we got back in the car and moved along to the next car park. Luckily the cloud didn’t follow us and we had a good yomp around the woods, enjoying the few brave spring flowers that had dared to show their faces.

Filled with fresh air and ready for some food, we headed off to the pub. And what a pub it was. Perched on a ridge just west of Battle, the owners told us you can see the sea on 3 sides on a clear day. Well Saturday wasn’t a clear day, but the views from the Netherfield Arms were still spectacular and warmed by the friendly welcome we stayed for lunch.

Our final stop for the day was Battle for a short stroll along the high street, which is home to a nice mix of small businesses. British Design and British Made is a new addition since we last visited and it has the makings of a nice shop.
British design British made
British design British made
It’s nicely styled and they stock an interesting mix of things from small British producers; definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.


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