A chilly adventure

We ventured out to Scotney Castle yesterday. It felt odd to visit in late March and see a dusting of snow on the rooftops and rhododendrons.
Scotney Castle
Normally we enjoy a nice stroll in gardens, but yesterday the icy winds were enough to drive us inside. We’d never been in the house before, but according to the National Trust it feels, “like the last owner Betty has just popped out to shops”. What that meant in reality was a charming mix of old world grandeur and 1950s interior design. There was even a pink 1950s bathroom, which made me smile.

Unsurprisingly, my favourite things in the house were paper; a series of addresses, presented to the owner, Edward Hussey, by tenants and parishioners:
Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle
It is hard to see the work that went into them from these pictures, but up close it was clear that each one was hand drawn with great skill. The colour and detail kept me in their corridor for a good long look and I’ll definitely be back to admire them again.


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