What do you think?

Mr E and I have been busy with the day jobs, hence the Thursday post turning into a Friday one instead. So as we’re already out of the usual routine I thought I would continue the theme with a slightly unusual post.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the many reasons I like old stationery is that it has a very different look and feel to modern designs. The style and colours can be quite different than the cards we’re used to seeing in the shops and the images on old stationery can sometimes seem odd to modern eyes. This card is a good example:
I spotted it on a recent ebay hunt for new material for our cards. It was sold as part of a pair, the other of which was very ordinary. But this one caught my eye. The cute fawns and festive mistletoe had the vintage feel I look for and the pastel polka dot background was a pretty twist on more traditional Christmas colours. So I put in a bid and won. A few days later the cards arrived, packed safely in a sturdy brown envelope and I wasted no time opening my prize package and thrusting my latest find under Mr E’s nose for his opinion.

An eerie silence fell in our kitchen as he struggled to find a response. Very carefully, after giving it some thought, he asked, ‘are those mounts?’. At which point I looked back at my cute vintage card and had to admit that, yes, those cute little fawns did indeed seem to be mounted like the prize kill from a shoot day, albeit on a festive red background surrounded by Christmas greenery. Ah.

This moment of clarity leaves me with something of a dilemma. I still think those fawns are cute and they certainly have the vintage appeal I look for in our cards. But will people want them once they realize what they are? Can I transform the image to make it more palatable? Or am I just flogging a dead fawn? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments box) please.


4 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. well i saw the wee fawns, thought them a cute illustration; I took in the gold deckle edging and the pale blue & white polka dots and thought, yes, very retro, a real feel of an older time…
    I did NOT notice that they were in effect “mounted” as Mr E spotted….. i reckon you could tweek the design to suit your needs though… even just removingteh red flag/bunting/mount block colour would change that quite a bit i think…

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