the report from Rye

A quiet, but very nice day at the Rye Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday. It’s a good fair in a central location with a mix of quality stalls. Alice, the organiser, does a good job of letting people know it’s going on and she’s very prompt at updating her blog. By Sunday morning she had posted shots of the fair; that’s me up on the stage at the far end, with my partner in crime for the day, Helen from Dulci Bella Confectionery:
Rye, arts & crafts fair
Helen’s stall was very pretty and full of marshmallows, which, after sampling, I can confirm are delicious:
marshmallow, Dulci Bella
If you’ve read my previous fair posts you may remember what an important part food plays in the day. Well I wasn’t disappointed. Nigel’s cafe provided excellent fresh coffee at 75p a mug and for lunch I enjoyed a tasty spicy sweet potato soup, made all the more enjoyable by the mug it was served in:
I’m pleased to say that our new correspondence cards arrived in time for the fair. I’ll get them in the shop in the next day or two.


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