Holiday adventures: part 1

Growing up we rarely took holidays overseas. Instead, each summer, my parents would pack us into the car and take us away for a week or two in the great British countryside. At the time most people I knew went on holiday to Spain or France, but I never felt I was missing out. I remember rushing in to the holiday cottage at the end of a long journey to choose the bedroom I wanted, even though there was never really a choice. I remember afternoons spent building dams in little streams and eating fish and chips from their paper. Without realising I developed an enduring love of the great British countryside, which I still have today.

So it was in this spirit that Mr E and I set off for a few days in West Sussex. On the way to our holiday cottage we stopped off in Arundel, which was perfect for a pit stop and some cooing over pretty houses. How about this street for starters?
And a good bit of wonky brickwork always adds to the period charm:
Then there’s the old industrial buildings that Mr E and I share a fascination for:
bevin & bevin co, arundel
bevin & bevin co, arundel
Apparently this one used to be a kitchen and household goods wholesaler, but with a long industrial pedigree before that. You can read more about it here.

Our destination was a quiet little cottage on a farm just south of Chichester. In between some good food and quality reading time we spent a few days exploring the area, which I’ll tell you more about later.


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