Shops I like: The Old Haberdashery

The Old Haberdashery, Spring Greens
How about this for a dose of spring greens? It’s the window of The Old Haberdashery in Ticehurst and it catches my eye every time I pass.

Sonia, the owner, is a master of display and uses her window to great effect. Since the shop opened just under a year ago she has created some beautiful displays. These are a few of my favourites:
ethnic odyssey, The Old Haberdashery
The Old Haberdashery, Faded Grandeur
The Old Haberdashery, hothouse haberdashery
The Old Haberdashery, flash sale
In a blog post on Word of Mouth Marketing, Sonia describes her windows as ‘retail theatre’ and I’m inclined to agree. Each one is themed to showcase the best of her shop; a mix of vintage china, glass and fabrics as well as a small but carefully chosen range of gifts and accessories. I particularly like the painted eggs hanging from the hazel twigs in ‘Ethnic Odyssey’ and the emptied cases of ‘flash sale’.

You can find out more on The Old Haberdashery blog and facebook page.


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