nice with a cup of tea

sour cherry
I had a few extra hours built up at work, so I took this afternoon off. And what did I do with my bonus afternoon? I spent it organising cupboards and baking.

Now I have a natural flair for one of these things and most definitely not the other, so it was a pleasant surprise when the biscuits I baked turned out to be edible.

They’re oat and sour cherry cookies from Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet, which I bought for Mr E because he’s really quite good at cooking.
dan lepard
I wouldn’t usually bother to post a picture of a book, but I think this one looks like a chunk of old fashioned Neapolitan ice cream – you know the stuff, back when Gino Ginelli’s was the premium ice cream brand. So it looks very pretty on our cookbook shelf as well as telling you how to bake lots of things that look and sound delicious.

These biscuits were easy to make, bar the usual arm ache you get stirring a stiff biscuit mix and they taste very nice indeed, especially with a cup of tea…that’s the kettle waiting patiently in the background.


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