more snow

Well the snow has continued here, so Mr E and I have been struggling in to work this week; me creeping along the roads in our 7 year old stripy micra and him getting cold and wet on his trek across the fields. So I have enjoyed reading posts on other people’s blogs about their snowy experiences:

The thinking cowgirl posted about the icy porridge in Cornwall. I particularly like her post as she included a picture of the woodpecker that visits her bird feeder and it’s the same kind that comes to ours. Mr E took photos as we birdwatched from the sofa last weekend, but the woodpecker was too quick for us. Here’s a nice robin instead:

I was impressed by the snowy fashion shoot on Junkaholique. Now I tend to be quite resilient in the cold, surviving perfectly well in my winter jacket long after other people have the scarf, gloves, hat and second pair of socks on, but even I wouldn’t stand around in the snow wearing only a dress.

I also really liked the frozen milk popping through the milk bottle tops on Charlotte’s Patch, which brought back memories from when I was small

And the amazing patterns the snow formed on the greenhouse over at My Red Hen

Keep warm.


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