New year, new products

January can be such a gloomy month and if you have the same weather as us, the view beyond your window is probably very grey. To help combat the murk I’ve turned my focus to new products.

Developing new products is one of my favourite things about Retro Bureau. It’s a fascinating process; from finding originals and uncovering their history to working up new designs with our printers. So over the last week I’ve been looking through my folder at the originals we haven’t used yet and trawling ebay for new bits of old stationery to add to my collection. I’m thinking about a small collection of correspondence cards and a thank you card or two.

This is one of the originals we’ll be working on:

It’s a Sharpe’s Classic on a slightly odd, pearlised paper. The design is a bit fussy, but there are some lovely details, so we’ll simplify it to focus on the best bits and develop the design from there.

We’ll be working on the new designs over the next couple of months in time for a spring launch…I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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