It’s show time

It’s the Wadhurst Arts & Crafts Fair next Friday (14 December) and I’m busy getting everything ready.

My first job is preparing stock. The magnets have turned out nicely, so I’ve been busy making them up in lots of different designs:
more magnets
For some we’ve taken details from our stationery, like the bird and branch from our birthday wishes card and the deer from our invitation cards. For others, we’ve shrunk the design whole, like the hello notecard. I’ll be taking them to the Wadhurst Fair for their debut and if they’re popular I’ll add some to the online shop in the new year.

I’ve had my usual battle with the static strips and used all my neat skills to parcel up some notecard packs in case people want a Christmas present for a letter writing friend.

Then there’s the other things I need to pack. In no particular order:
· My folder of originals, so customers can see where their cards came from
· stripy paper bags
· tablecloth and display stands of varying types and sizes
· my trusty and very cool calculator in case my brain fades
· my float tin with plenty of change in it
· Notepad, pens and paper for the inevitable notes and doodles
· Some money for a cup of tea and piece of cake (photo to follow, no doubt!)
· Spare packaging for notecard packs
· Scissors, sellotape and string
· Camera for the all important post fair report
And last, but not least:
Some fairy lights
Well; it is nearly Christmas after all.

Oh, and one last thing. Mr E sent me this lovely link today. It’s about the many and varied things found in second hand books. Read it; you’ll like it.


2 thoughts on “It’s show time

  1. Your stationery is wonderful. I particularly like the bluey one with the bird and ‘hello’ – absolutely delightful! Good luck with your craft-fair. I read and really enjoyed Mr E’s link – I love finding things in second hand books. I also have the habit of leaving things in books and then finding them years later – a little unexpected treat!

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