A weekend equation

An excellent exhibition + the South Bank’s Christmas market + coffee and waffles + only two Christmas presents left to buy = a very good trip to London.

Suitably shod for the day ahead, Mr E and I set off from the frosty station for our Christmas shopping trip. We started gently with coffee and elevenses before popping in to the National Theatre to see the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition. Fraser saw it advertised and thought it would be worth a look as we were in the area. And it was great; some really stunning photos and a peaceful space to enjoy them in. Here’s a link to the winners including my favourites, Colin the Shepherd and Angus Clyne’s Beech Trees. We made a detour into the shop on our way out, where I was distracted by a display of vintage stationery that included some handsome brass pencil sharpeners and Present & Correct’s highly desirable leather pencil cases. I did my best not to drool.

Then, collars set, we went out into the chill to explore the South Bank Christmas market:

South Bank Christmas Market

South Bank Christmas Market

The stalls were very festive, twinkling with fairy lights as we were wafted along by the smell of mulled wine and the sound of Christmas music. But despite the array of things on offer, including a stall selling giant wooden spoons, our focus was firmly on our to do list.

We crossed the river and headed north, up through the crowds on Regent Street to Liberty’s, where I spent a silly amount of money on 4 pieces of Tana Lawn for the patchwork quilt I intend to make over the winter. Next it was Hamley’s, a sight to behold if only we could have seen past everyone else who was in there. Still, we got what we needed and avoided being hit by the remote control helicopters they were demonstrating, so I think that’s still a result. Last on the list was Fortnum & Mason’s for their fabulous food hall and another round of sardines as we shuffled our way among the fixtures, our route determined by the gaps that appeared in the crowds of shoppers. Then it was back to Charing Cross, tired and laden with bags, for our train home and a well earned cup of tea on the sofa.


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