Little elves

I’ve been hard at work here at Retro Bureau towers developing some product ideas from the many suggested by the lovely ladies from Kilndown Fair. Chief of my tasks was to find a better solution for my notecard packs than simply tying some lace around them:

The lace looked quite pretty, but did a fairly poor job of keeping the notecards together and it didn’t make them look like much of a gift either. So after various experiments, some more successful than others, I’ve arrived at this:

A glassine bag tied with some pretty string and a little Retro Bureau label to tell you what’s inside. I think they look much nicer now; what do you think?

I’ve also been playing around with magnets. Here’s one I experimented with from part of a print that was never used:

Oh yes, and that’s my Christmas wrapping paper in the background. We’re working on a few designs, but there’s still a bit to do before they’re ready. If they’re good enough I’ll be taking them with me to the fairs. Speaking of which, our next one is Wadhurst Arts & Crafts Fair on Friday 14 December; see you there.


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