Putting old paper to new use

After Thursday’s post about little shops I like, I promise I’m not trying to empty your pockets of all your hard earned cash. But I wanted to share something Fraser spotted last week; these new prints from Quad Royal, the self proclaimed ‘people who go on about posters at great length’:

If you like old posters and print, Quad Royal’s blog is well worth a look. These prints are the first of a series of designs taken from cut tissue collages they bought from artist and poster designer Daphne Padden’s estate.

The story behind the prints is really interesting and touches on many of the joys and pitfalls of working with old paper. I particularly liked seeing the original of the gardener print.

The discolouration from the glue is similar to the stains we often find on the originals we use for our cards. Evening the colours up is a key part of our design process and something we have to do for every card. What we do after that depends on the final design, but sometimes cleaning the original up and re-sizing it is all that’s needed. I’m pleased that Quad Royal have given the gardener a little polish, but otherwise left him to his pruning, as Daphne Padden’s original design is so good. The finished articles look really good too, proving, if proof were needed, that good designs really do stand the test of time.


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