Seasonal creativity

As well as working on our cards and stationery I am also an inveterate crafter. If I’m watching the telly or loafing on the sofa, I usually have a project of some kind on the go. My favourites are cross-stitch and sewing, but I’m a bit of a magpie and often dabble in other crafts too. I have an eclectic library of craft books to turn to and a never ending list of projects in my head.

But each year around this time, as the weather changes and the evenings darken, I notice a subtle change in the projects that catch my eye. My knitting needles or crochet hooks come out of storage for another attempt to learn something more than basic stitches in a rectangular shape and my patchwork books are dusted off as another beautiful quilt forms in my mind (though probably not in my hands!).

As ever the internet provides an endless supply of inspiration. One of my favourites is this festive wreath from Purl Bee, an all round excellent source for sewing, knitting and crochet projects:

I like the idea of a wreath that you could make and keep for several years. Also, felt is such a nice easy material to work with and it’s just the kind of cosy stuff the dark nights were made for.


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