The Christmas cards are in the shop

So here it is; Merry Christmas! The cards are in the shop…

Now I thought I might try and do this whole post to the tune of Slade’s Christmas classic, but my poetry skills have evaded me, so it’s simple prose to fill you in on a few bits and pieces instead.

Firstly, our Christmas cards are now available in the shop. There are four designs, all taken from antique and vintage originals, plus a daisy congratulations card in case anyone in your life has something to celebrate. You can find out a bit more about the cards in the shop descriptions or by checking out my ‘Stationery Old & New’ section here.

Secondly, you will soon be able to buy our cards in a real shop too! I met Shelley a few weeks ago at the Kilndown fair; she was there selling the homewares she makes from vintage fabrics. Winifred’s Daughter in Hawkhurst is Shelley’s workshop and shop. It includes her own work plus a lovely range of other homewares and accessories. I’m dropping the order in on Saturday, which gives me an excellent excuse for a spot of shopping and if I’m feeling really clever I might try and take some photos while I’m there. I’m chuffed to bits that my cards will soon be on the shelves with all the other lovely things Shelley sells.


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