Come inside

On Tuesday I showed you some of the beautiful countryside we stayed in while we were away. Today I wanted to show you around the inside of Mar Lodge, which was as striking and evocative as anything outdoors.

Despite being rebuilt relatively recently after a fire caused serious damage, the interior of the Lodge looked exactly as I imagine a Scottish sporting lodge would. There was lots of dark wood panelling, grand, richly coloured, public spaces and of course plenty of taxidermy. This picture from the main hallway into the library gives you a sense of the craftsmanship:

And this shot of the dining room gives you a feel for the public rooms:

There were some lighter touches too, like the room Kath and Drew married in; a lovely, light-filled room, with pretty damask wallpaper and a particularly beautiful clock:

And the room we celebrated in after the ceremony was much simpler. Decorated for the occasion with a great deal of thought and effort by the bride and groom. I mentioned a while ago I spent a weekend cutting out tweed leaves, well this is what Kath did with them:

She also made table settings of heather in bronze sprayed tins and rustic bunting from pine cones, collected vintage sherry glasses for post ceremony drinks…the list could go on! There were creative touches from other guests too, not least Betty, who finished her gorgeous dress at 2 o’clock the morning of the wedding!

And one final note, if you want to glimpse a real curiosity, take a look at Fraser’s photo of the deer ballroom.
Deer ballroom
Originally built for estate staff balls, it contains over 2,435 stag skulls. It really was a sight to see.


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