A bit more from the fair

I’m a bit more awake now, so I thought I would bring you a few more tales from the Kilndown craft fair. As it was my first fair I had no idea what to expect, so I was nervous and excited in equal measures. But I needn’t have worried as the fair organisers and my fellow stall holders were a lovely bunch; friendly, welcoming and happy to share the benefit of their experience.

I was one of a group of three stalls with Gill:

and Annette:

a seasoned pair of fair goers who were very generous with their welcome and advice. They were both very amused when I pulled out my camera and started taking photos of my mid afternoon cake.

Despite the misty autumn weather, everyone made a big effort with their stalls and I was impressed with work on offer. There were lovely textiles from Tracy Roberts:

beautiful crochet and vintage textiles from Wendy and Shelley

some lovely woodworking with local wood – these spoons caught my eye:

and some lovely vintage homewares:

All in all an enjoyable and encouraging first outing.


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