a fair on the horizon

It’s nearly here…our first fair is just over a week away. I’m excited about it, but a bit nervous too as it will be our first time face to face with customers.

I’ve spent the last few evenings packing cards in front of the telly so we have some stock to sell. In the process I was reminded that the strips from our cello bags are the most static material known to man; more than once I got up to make a cup of tea and found myself standing at the kettle with a surprise fringe on my top.

I also had a go at setting up our stand on the kitchen table last night.

The fair table will be bigger and probably won’t have a row of recycling bags alongside it, but I’m not a natural with visual merchandising so I was quite pleased with how it looked. And if we hit any problems on the day we’ll have a bowl of sweets to distract the customers.

Part of the fee for the show is a prize for the raffle. I’ve decided to take a jointed mohair bear I made as my contribution:
Perrin 4

So I’ve got my stock, my trusty folder of originals (in case anyone wants to see where our designs come from), my lovely blue stripy paper bags, my float, some M&S fruit sherbets, a camera to take some snaps for you, pens, paper, and a book to read. Can you think of anything else I might need?


8 thoughts on “a fair on the horizon

  1. your layout looks great, very soothing feel & colours – I wish I was there to shop in the flesh xxx
    … hmmmn…you have the “come for sherry” cards?..wee intage tray with a few sherry glasses prettily arranged, and card packs on the tray?

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