Mr Magpie

Fraser is a magpie, but instead of sparkly things he finds old glass. So far his collection includes an old unigate milk bottle, an old beer bottle, and a variety of small glass jars; all carefully extracted, cleaned and brought home. It’s an endearing habit, which gives me a regular supply of pretty containers for those occasions when a particularly persistent flower decides to make a show in our garden.

The little ridged jar that I snapped some sweet peas in for my first post is one of my favourites. It used to be a Shippam’s meat paste jar.

Another favourite is the little square jar, third from the right in the line-up. It was made in the early 20th century by Foster Clarke Ltd of Maidstone and contained Eiffel Tower Lemonade Crystals. There’s an interesting history of Foster Clarke Ltd here.

Keep up the good work Mr Magpie.


One thought on “Mr Magpie

  1. I like the Shippams jars best but they are all interesting. One very rarely finds blue glass washed up on a beach, a little known fact except if you enjoy beachcombing for it. xx

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