It’s Christmas! Well, a little bit in our house

With our first fair exactly a month away, Fraser has been hard at work on our Christmas cards. It feels strange to be planning for Christmas when we’re still clinging to the last signs of summer, but these are some of the originals we’ve been working on:

This is a small gift card that caught my eye some time ago. It will be the new improved version of the card that sowed the seed for our little business.

This card was originally designed to hold a photograph and was sent in Christmas 1934 with a family photo inside. I love the simplicity of the design.

This card was originally sent by Denys Bullard MP in 1950. It looks like a nice place to spend Christmas.

And this one is a bit of a teaser. It’s the front of the card and we’ve used a much nicer design from the inside. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to send such an ugly card at such a nice time of year, but the inside is a winner.

Our printer is busy working on the samples. I’ll let you know when they are ready.


4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas! Well, a little bit in our house

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