My stationery habit: part one, notebooks

The yellow Rhodia one is my current handbag notebook.
I bought the blue, green, red and orangey yellow exercise books in a department store in Hong Kong.
My good friend Kath sent me the one with the kraft cover printed with seagulls when she was travelling in Australia. I use it to write lists in that I want to keep because I really like it.
Kath also sent me the notebook with the typewriter on the front. It’s a very useful daybook cum journal cum ideas pad.
She sent me the blue Rob Ryan notepad too…we are as bad as each other when it comes to buying stationery!
I bought the yellow one with the green and white design in the middle from Shelf when they still had a shop in London.
I bought the one with the yellow spine to use as a jotter when Fraser and I were travelling round New Zealand.
I bought the yellow exercise book in France. It’s just an everyday pad, but has very nicely lined paper inside which I appreciate every time I use it.


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