Do you want to see my etchings?

Well actually you wouldn’t want to see my etchings as I have no talent for drawing; I have an idea in my head of how I want things to look, but when I put pencil to paper something completely different and much less attractive comes out. But if you like the medium then you’ll like Will Taylor’s work. I spotted it last night when Fraser and I snuck along to a private view of September Art on tickets that were meant for someone who used to work at Fraser’s place.

September Art is an annual exhibition that takes over the Commemoration Hall in our village for ten days, filling it with art from every discipline you can think of. When we arrived, the hall was packed and we had to squeeze our way round carefully through the crowd, clutching the very nice glass of wine they gave us and our copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Will’s panels were near the end of our tour and were split between some large charcoal works and four etchings from his Natural Sciences series, which I loved. My favourites were ‘Fibonacci’s Rabbit’ and ‘Universal Pig Formulae’, both beautifully detailed studies of their subjects surrounded by text and small diagrams. There are several more in the series, which you can see on Will’s website and I have added ‘Sheep Field Theory’ to the imaginary art gallery in my head. This one is ‘The Vitruvian Hare’.

In other news we’re off to a postcard fair in Haywards Heath tomorrow in search of new source material. We’ve not been to this fair before, so I will report back on it next week.


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