My weekend adventures

Fraser and I took advantage of the long weekend to make a trip up the M11 to see my parents. The weather was dreary and typical of a Bank Holiday so it seemed like a good opportunity to catch up and spend some time drinking tea on their sofa.

Mum brought out a suitcase of things she has kept over the years which included some brilliant vintage cards. Her granddad gave her this one in 1959:

This one is a 40 year old Sharpe’s Classic and cost 7 ½ p. All of mum’s 21st birthday cards seemed to have roses on them, but I really liked the gold trim and jaunty angles on this one:

This card was given to my parents for their first new home. I’m not sure about the quality of the wallpaper hanging or why you might wear a waistcoat or a petticoat to do DIY, but I like the card anyway:

And I gave this one to my mum in the early 1980s. I love the colours even now:

While we were there we also caught up with my brother and his soon to be wife, who (among many other things) runs a knitting pattern shop on ebay. Recently they have diversified a bit after Mel was offered the contents of a haberdashery shop by one of her contacts. So Saturday afternoon found us in my parents living room sorting and measuring a large and eclectic selection of ribbons and trims. They’ve got some lovely things, which they’ll be selling at bargain prices, so if you like your ribbons, trims and buttons, keep an eye on their shop.


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