Now I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but if I did among the cards we sell, then ‘hello’ and ‘sending good wishes’ would be strong contenders. Believe it or not, the two cards started life as one very blousy original; a double layer folded paper card from America.



I found it on ebay and if I squinted a bit and ignored the frilly edge I could see some lovely details. The little bird in particular caught my eye as you can probably tell from my avatars here and on Etsy.

Tidying up the original card was fiddly work. You can probably see that it had quite a few stains on it – a common problem with old stationery – so after we’d scanned it the first job was evening up the colour. Then it was time to decide which bits of the original to use. Fraser isolated the design from the front and the branch and bird from the middle of the card and then I set about neatening the edges, working over the same areas with an ever decreasing brush size. It took a long time, but I found it oddly relaxing and I hope you’ll agree that the end results were worth the effort.

Blue bird 2 pack


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