Fancy a Sandwich?

Feeling a little tired and in need of a break, Fraser and I took a long weekend in Sandwich a few weeks ago. We’d given minimal thought to our choice of destination, our criteria being somewhere nice but not too far away, but what a lovely part of the world it turned out to be.

While we were there we decided to pop up to Margate too and spent an afternoon strolling around the old town. There were loads of lovely shops and cafes and some great buildings to look at. It’s a wonder we don’t trip over more often, given how much time we spend looking upwards.

Thanet Times

And as we were in Margate we thought we had better take a look at the Turner Contemporary, which has been a mainstay of the local news since it opened just over a year ago. Our curiosity was rewarded with a very famous kiss set against beautiful grey sea.

The Kiss


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