Where has all the nice stationery gone?

I promised to share news from my little business Retro Bureau from time to time, so I thought I should tell you how it started.

It all began with some cards and invitations I found at a paper and ephemera fair at the Wood Green Animal Centre in Godmanchester. While Fraser was absorbed by the old posters, I explored the stationery stalls. I spent ages going through the boxes of old cards and invitations. I was fascinated by the designs – the colours and style are so different to modern stationery – and needless to say I ended up buying a handful.

Papery goodness

When we got home, I laid them out and took photos of them. But then I was stumped; despite thinking they were great I didn’t really know what to do with them, so I carefully packed them up and put them away.

I kept thinking about my little collection and every time I took them out I thought that with a bit of a tidy up they would make really nice cards. I had a good understanding of the design process from my years as a buyer and Fraser is a dab hand with Photoshop, so late last year I set him to work turning ‘Coming to you laden with sincere good wishes’ into a Christmas card*.

It wasn’t a complete success, but our first attempt was well received by family and friends and gave me a clear idea of what needed to be improved (the poor print quality and unpleasant shiny card stock!). So I started on a mission to find a local printer who could do small runs on good quality matt card. A cheeky email to Justin of Fenner Paper pointed me in the direction of The Imaging Centre and a few months and several design tweaks later we arrived at our launch range.

banner original

*The new improved version of ‘Coming to you laden with good wishes’ will be one of our Christmas cards, which will be available from October.

Hope you like the results of our efforts.


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